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The chocolate diet to lose weight   without frustration the  healthy way


   Lose from 2 to 6 pounds a week eating healthy and without starving

Friday, January 30, 2009
From Patrick Del Rio

Dear friend, let me introduce you to

                                                         The chocolate diet

We all know why most diet plans fail: They demand us a big change into our foods habits. We start the new diet, one day, maybe two, and the third day we are all dying to have a bit of our favorite food or just something sweet  because we need a reward to our efforts or simply because our body is in demand. It is a pity that healthy good habits, healthy diet couldn’t get along with something as simple as a piece of chocolate, a hot chocolate or a pastry. Well, in fact this is possible! I’m not talking of chocolate, pasta and pop-corns 7 days a week but of a balanced diet with healthy menus for more than two weeks with a big variety of foods!


I can prove you that this is possible


A healthy diet can be followed without giving up such a good nutrient.

.   Chocolate is rich in minerals and vitamins

.   Chocolate fights depression

.   Chocolate do not put weight when included in a balanced diet.

.   Dark chocolate reduces blood pressure.

.   Dark chocolate can also reduce bad cholesterol.

.   chocolate is indeed a sweet miracle that if taken wisely can truly benefit your mind and body


               The chocolate diet will make you lose 2 to 6 pounds a week

                         The chocolate diet can make you lose weight

The chocolate diet has been studied by a nutritionist under medical advice to make you lose weight and prevent your health.

The chocolate diet is a balanced diet that can be followed by everybody. It contains a big variety of healthy foods: dairy products, fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, meat and fish, etc.

You will never be craving again for sweetness because as long as you know that you’ll have your reward, you will be able to follow the healthy menus without anxiety.

In other words, you will not feel that you are in a diet but you will see the results.

In addition to the chocolate diet menus you’ll find within your book helpful advices and tips that will permit you to boost your metabolism for a quicker weight loss.

You will also find included a complete Windsor Pilates guide that will help you to exercise at your own rhythm and in the privacy of your home for a toned up body and extra energy.

Don’t lose this opportunity


Now let's overcome your benefits.

You will receive a complete diet guide with all the menus for more than two weeks.

You can change the menus as you wish. If you don’t like Monday’s menu you can have Tuesday’s, Saturday’s or whatever day you prefer. They are all established in the same caloric basis.

You will learn how to boost your metabolism for a quicker weight loss.

You will find a complete Pilate’s exercise guide to tone your body up and feel better.


You will even have more; I warranty you that you will have your money back if you do not lose weight by following the chocolate diet program.


You have nothing to lose, only overweight.

You will gain in health and shape by following this easy weight loss program.

Now, you may be wondering how much this complete program can cost. Well, not as much as it can benefit you as I’m offering you this fantastic program for an incredible price.

Yes, the price of this program is really incredible.

It will cost you only 4 $!

This is less the price of a weight loss pill that will offer no result and could damage your health. No risk with the chocolate diet because it’s established on healthy daily foods.

Don’t lose time and grab your book right now

By choosing “Order now” you will be directed to a PayPal payment page. You can choose to register or just order with your credit card. 

After your payment you will be redirected to the download page where you’ll be able to download your book “The chocolate diet” including “boost your metabolism” and “Pilate’s exercises” no matter what time it is.

That’s all! As soon as you have downloaded your book you can start to begin your weight loss and exercises program. You will start a new way of dieting!

And don’t forget that you have my personal money-back guaranty if you don’t lose your overweight with the program given in this book.

Price: $ 4.00

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Do you want to go on following fastidious diets?

Do you want to continue to starving yourself losing and putting weight in a non-stop yo-yo that damages your body and your health?

By following the chocolate diet you will be able to go to the end of your overweight without pain. You could reward yourself every day with your favorite food.

You will be able to eat a big variety of foods that will assure you weight loss and healthy life.  

Go ahead and order right now, I know you'll be happy you did.


Patrick Del Rio

P.S. You have my money-back guaranty if you do not lose weight with the chocolate diet program book and the special “Boost your metabolism” and “Pilates exercises”

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