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“Lose 10 pounds in a week!”
“Lose 20 pounds in 20 days!”
“Lose 50 pounds by fairy dust!”

You have seen all the ads … all promising to help you lose weight instantly.

While some may work, many don’t. Sure, you can lose weight quick and many times you will, BUT…what they don’t tell you is that many times that rapid weight loss is water weight. AND IT WILL RETURN!

So, what we have to do is set realistic and achievable goals.

Remember our “One Pound at A Time” philosophy mentioned in the beginning?

That is our immediate goal. Start with ONE POUND! Then another and another, etc. Pretty soon, you will be reaching your goals and starting to feel and see the changes happening.

Once you have been successful with your smaller, short-term goals, start setting a little bit longer-term goals. “Today is Monday, July 9th. I will lose 5 pounds by July 31st.” That is not only reasonable, but achievable!

Think of this: if you set a goal of 5 pounds each month that is a total of 60 POUNDS in a year.

Stick to your goals the best you can. If you find that your goals are not becoming a reality, scale them back. Make them achievable, because that is a key ingredient to your successful Journey!

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